Monday, January 23, 2012

The Betta Blog

Happy Monday everyone. So sorry we did not blog yesterday, I'm still not feeling better. In fact,
i stayed home today. Jazz & Felix are being my little nurses for the day :)

Today i felt like sharing some of the smallest members of the Cape Cod Crew.. my 7 betta fish! I adore these fish, they are so peaceful and very entertaining to watch. Call me crazy, but i love them like i love Jazz, Felix & Freedom, and i do my best to keep them as healthy & happy as can be!

Candi was the first ever betta fish i took home. She was actually a late birthday present. I bought her on February 27, 2011. She is a veiltail female betta. Candi is a pretty unqiue fish cause of her color. She looks white, but really she doesnt have a color! Shes a cellophane! A cellophane betta is a betta who is pretty much clear, and you can see right through her. You cant really see through her clearly.

The second fish i had bought was Wishy. Wishy came home on March 6, 2011. Wishy & Candi were supposed to share a bowl (female bettas can share bowls if they get along) Unforntuatly, Candi did not like Wishy, so i had to move Wishy out to her own bowl. Wishy is a crowntail female, and a very dark beautiful blue coloring. Shes one of the sweetest fish.

Merci came home on March 19, 2011. She is like a minature Candi, but a little brighter. She is a cellophane too, with a weird black spot on the side of her neck. I had noticed merci for a while in the pet store, because of that spot. When i saw her that day, i thought she spent way to long in that container. So, i took her home. She now lives with Wishy in Wishys bowl. Those two are inseprable, and get along great with each other. Merci can sometimes be a bully to Wishy, but they never get serious.

Nemo was my third betta, and my first male. He came home March 13, 2011. Hes a crowntail male of a rusty red color with yellow sparkles. Hes very hansome. When i was in PetCo, i was looking for a new betta fish, and when i looked up, i noticed Nemo looking at me. I just had to take him home. I named him Nemo, because he "found his way home."

I dont know why i named Huxley that name, but i like the name a lot.
It was March 30, 2011 when i took home Huxley. He is a very beautiful crowntail like Nemo. Huxley seems like a dark blue color, but hes actually a dark green blue with little reds on his tail. He was so scared of me at first, and he still gets scared, but he has gotten much better with me.

Job is a very special betta. I never intended on buying him on August 3rd, 2011. When i was in PetCo, he was very close to death, and i felt like giving him a chance to live. So i took him home and set him in a bowl. He luckily pulled through, and is still with me now. "Job" (pronouced Joeb) is a character in the Christian Bible who had a rough beginning but a happy ending. I felt like the name suited him much. He is orangeish red delta tail.

The most current newest betta i have is Yuki. I got him on December 18, 2011. He is a blue veiltail. "Yuki" is japensanse for snow. I named him that because 12-18, it was snowing (barely..). Im hoping he will warm up to me soon.

Well, those are our finned friends. If you have any fish (betta or not!) we'd be happy to hear about them:)

XOXO ~ Cape Cod Crew


  1. Beta fish are beautiful. My grandson has one named Harold. He has his own blog!

  2. Those are very nice fish -- do you think they have those in Minnesota lakes? ha ha!

  3. They're beautiful! I have one too, a male red/purple named Beta. BOL creative I know
    Dachshund Nola

  4. Our human sister used to have a blue beta. Yours are very nice - do they live a long time?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Whoa...that's a lot of Bettas. They can be a ..... PACK!

  6. Hi new friends...we think we are giung to tell mom we want a pet fishy
    Benny & Lily

  7. They are so pretty. I have often thought about getting one because you don't need a huge tank, a heater and they would be easier to clean out than the fish I use to have.

  8. Very cool! That's pretty green and blue!

  9. I keep thinking about getting a betta for my office. It would be fun to have a friend while I work. :-)

  10. They are all beautiful. Job is a very lucky fellow that you came along and were willing to give him a second chance.