Thursday, December 29, 2011

Adventures in Bathing

P.U! Jazz & Felix got out and decided to roll in something gross. & yuck did they smell awful. So tonight i gave them bathes in the tub. Or tried.
Jazz is a trooper. She doesnt like water, but shes willing to cooperate with me.
Felix on the other hand... well lets see if you can guess... xoxo!!


  1. Hey there,. New Friends, I am very excited. Wasn't sure which site you would be on so I hope I found the right one.

    CAnt wait to learn more about you. I think I learned a lot already, (you know....bath attitude)

    Looking forward to gettin gto know you better.

    You should enter the Mango Minster Contest.


  2. hi there,

    thanks for visiting and we trust we will be good furiends......happy 2012 to you and your hoomans

    coco and tiffy